Quality Policy: Providing customer satisfaction through continual improvement with an attitude of quality first.

Mill Creek Machining is focused on product quality, customers, and the company’s total commitment to continuous improvement. With an on-going process of providing a well-equipped Quality Control Department, to assure outgoing product quality levels continually exceed customer expectations.

Mill Creek Machining has created a system that enables us to meet the needs of our customers through great business and quality practices which are implemented at every level of our organization to achieve consistent results and continually improve our business, our systems and the product we produce in order to exceed the challenges and realities of an ever changing world.

A spirit of innovation and partnership defines our company and its people. We know that for our customers to achieve their long-term goals they need more than our products-they need our steadfast commitment to quality, reliability and integrity. Trust and mutual respect at every level is the cornerstone of our business.

ISO 9001 Certified